DJ Mag Germany wrote an Article The Second I

DJ Mag Germany wrote an Article The Second I

The Second I - a designation which couldn't be more accurate. Both, behind the mixing desk and personally, Sarah and Angelo complement each other perfectly. The most important commonality between them is the music.

Music has always played a huge role in the life's of the two artists. Since 2018 the duo has been producing electronic music actively and intensively, with a great attention to detail. Before that Angelo already gained a lot of music- and stage experiences. With her great feeling for Melody and music, Sarah adds a component to the sound, which imparts uniqueness to their music.

Starting with simply playing tracks, they soon realized: that's not enough! During countless days and nights of working in the studio, a unique sound was formed. It's their aspiration to produce pressing and variable sounds with recognition values. The Second I not only perform as producers but also as a DJ-Duo.

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